An Update on my 20% Project

I have not made any major accomplishments yet, but what I’m going to do to get my major accomplishments is try to work harder than what i’m doing right now and make sure me and my group are working together and making our plans become a reality. I think I have not made any major accomplishments yet because me and my group might need to work harder than what were doing right now. That’s why were going to make sure we get every thing done  on the correct due date and were not rushing to get everything. I feel like I might not be doing my best but I’m going to do better to get more things done and not be lazy.

My December goals are to make the 1st  lessons for the little kids at the daycare and I’m going to achieve them by doing a lot of research on the animal which is hamster. Also me and my group will have too sum it down so the  little kids understand because were teaching 4-6 years-olds. Then we might go a week or two before we have our first lesson  to met with the staff and tell them what were hoping to do after our first lessons and  meet te little kids too.



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