Holidays & Traditions

One Holiday that I LOVE to celebrate is Christmas because, I love getting presents and spending time with family so what we do is wakeup and open presents take pictures. Then the rest of the day we play on video games or whatever we got for christmas we just hang out. We also get family gifts for the whole family and we’ll probably play that together and we have a great time and it is really fun. Another thing we do is we might go look at lights on the houses or drive by a few neighbor hoods and see what decorations they put on the house. Also me and my family were at a store and we found a pickle ornament and it said on the side this is a jewish tradition were they hide a pickle in the tree somewhere and who ever finds it first gets to open there first present so we bought it and ever since we’ve done it with is basically 2 years ago haven’t gotten it yet because one of my siblings find it but this year I’m going to find it and I’m very determined too.

Another holiday that my family celebrates is the Thanksgiving so like a few weeks  before thanks giving we all go to my aunts house to eat dinner and will sing happy birthday to everyone who birthday is in November and we will hang out for  a while. Then the day of thanksgiving some of my cousin will come over and we will eat another thanksgiving dinner on the real day.Then again me and my family hang out and talk and have fun me and my little cousin will usually be hanging out with each other. Then we’ll probably play a video game together or make a play and perform it in front of our parents if were bored.Then one of our moms will ask what are we thankful for some part in the day after that we will all say our good byes and we see them another week end.

The last holiday that I’ll be talking about is Easter again we will go to my aunts house because she has a big yard and we will all go and have a Easter egg hunt and then of course every one gets on a sugar high and will be crazy mostly the little kids ( and me :). Then there will be food and we all will eat together and after we eat we hang out and since it probably nice out everyone will be out side doing something like playing with the dogs or basket ball or whatever is there. Also a few days before easter my church has an Easter egg hunt for the little one and we will usually go and help out with that and set up every thing for the kids. So basically all my holidays are to be with family and friends and to spend time together and I really really enjoy it .

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