The Yolanda who just wanted a friend

Activity 1:

You avoid copywriting. Copywriting is when you take an idea, picture, poem, etc. without permission. When people do this, some go to jail. Some people do it not knowing that its copy write and still go to jail. Ways to avoid it is to always make sure it is okay because it will say  copywrite.  Also to make sure you give credit to the person who did it.


Activity 2:

Kusama pumpkins Victoria Pickering via Compfight

Yolanda who just wanted a friend

Its not her fault she spots all over her

Its not her fault every one thinks she has chicken pox

That’s just the way she was painted

Yet every year people scream in horror

Running not wanting to trick or treat

Yolanda just wants to be normal

It not her fault to want a friend


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