My Favorites

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One of my Favorite things is UNICORNS I love unicorns because it like a Unicycle + Corn = Unicorn. I’ve never ridden a unicycle and I don’t love corn but them added together make the best thing in the world…a Unicorn. I think one reasons why I like unicorns is because  I love rainbows and unicorns are all about rainbows. Unicorns are just like one of those things that make you happy and if you know me I am a very happy person.

Then one of my favorite holidays besides Christmas is Valentine Day because when I was in Elementary school would make valentine day boxes I enjoyed making them. Then at school you get candy after a valentine box competition you get candy be so delicious but not nutritious. Also when you make the boxes its really fun or that’s what I think.  I love seeing what everyone else boxes and what they did. Also just to be thinking of what to make and all the ideas in your head  and at the end just seeing the results. Then the whole part of valentines day is to show how much we care for our family and friends and just to hangout together and enjoy our time together.

Another thing that is one of my favorites is color. I love color because without it the whole world would be like DEAD and GLOOMY and nobody wants that. The colors that I enjoy are all the bright colors. Basically a rainbow and beyond. That’s another reasons why I love unicorns. My favorite colors also refer to them. This might be a little weird but whenever I see a color that I Love, I want to hold on it forever like I want to own the color a just wish it was mine to have. Comment if you do this or if not then whats your favorite color and why ?


An Update on my 20% Project

I have not made any major accomplishments yet, but what I’m going to do to get my major accomplishments is try to work harder than what i’m doing right now and make sure me and my group are working together and making our plans become a reality. I think I have not made any major accomplishments yet because me and my group might need to work harder than what were doing right now. That’s why were going to make sure we get every thing done  on the correct due date and were not rushing to get everything. I feel like I might not be doing my best but I’m going to do better to get more things done and not be lazy.

My December goals are to make the 1st  lessons for the little kids at the daycare and I’m going to achieve them by doing a lot of research on the animal which is hamster. Also me and my group will have too sum it down so the  little kids understand because were teaching 4-6 years-olds. Then we might go a week or two before we have our first lesson  to met with the staff and tell them what were hoping to do after our first lessons and  meet te little kids too.



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Holidays & Traditions

One Holiday that I LOVE to celebrate is Christmas because, I love getting presents and spending time with family so what we do is wakeup and open presents take pictures. Then the rest of the day we play on video games or whatever we got for christmas we just hang out. We also get family gifts for the whole family and we’ll probably play that together and we have a great time and it is really fun. Another thing we do is we might go look at lights on the houses or drive by a few neighbor hoods and see what decorations they put on the house. Also me and my family were at a store and we found a pickle ornament and it said on the side this is a jewish tradition were they hide a pickle in the tree somewhere and who ever finds it first gets to open there first present so we bought it and ever since we’ve done it with is basically 2 years ago haven’t gotten it yet because one of my siblings find it but this year I’m going to find it and I’m very determined too.

Another holiday that my family celebrates is the Thanksgiving so like a few weeks  before thanks giving we all go to my aunts house to eat dinner and will sing happy birthday to everyone who birthday is in November and we will hang out for  a while. Then the day of thanksgiving some of my cousin will come over and we will eat another thanksgiving dinner on the real day.Then again me and my family hang out and talk and have fun me and my little cousin will usually be hanging out with each other. Then we’ll probably play a video game together or make a play and perform it in front of our parents if were bored.Then one of our moms will ask what are we thankful for some part in the day after that we will all say our good byes and we see them another week end.

The last holiday that I’ll be talking about is Easter again we will go to my aunts house because she has a big yard and we will all go and have a Easter egg hunt and then of course every one gets on a sugar high and will be crazy mostly the little kids ( and me :). Then there will be food and we all will eat together and after we eat we hang out and since it probably nice out everyone will be out side doing something like playing with the dogs or basket ball or whatever is there. Also a few days before easter my church has an Easter egg hunt for the little one and we will usually go and help out with that and set up every thing for the kids. So basically all my holidays are to be with family and friends and to spend time together and I really really enjoy it .

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If I Could Improve school

What I would do to improve school is start school later a like at 9:00 or 10:00 so we could get more sleep becuase i’m ALWAYS tired that would just make my life a little more easier. Also so right when we get to school we could have lunch like 2 or 3 hours later and teachers would probaly get more sleep too. Also hat we don’t hae alot of assignments due that we would only have 1 assignment from one class a day so math would only have homework then tommorrow science would only have one page of homework that day.Another thing that i would do is make schol more fun so like we learn and the the last 30 mins. of class we would do somthing fun like go outside play 4 corners.

Some thing else that I would do is make learning fun so were not just sitting there in a boring class and  just be like    2 + 2 = 4  …BORING !! Make it fun like add a game to the lesson of an activity. Also for our school  hallways less crowded like there  2 lines on the right side and 2 on the left side going oppisite ways. That would be alot more better instead of everyone being shoved in the wall. Also we didnt have to pay for lunch an all the sweets/junk food were free and not extras and whenever were hungry the teachers provide snacks thats how I would improve school.


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My 20 Percent Project

For my 20% project I will be going to daycare to teach about animals to little kids.

For my project I’m feeling kinda EXCITED because I like doing things that I’ve never done before, (if I agree to it) and I’m also excited because there kids ages 4-6 and there going to be little and cute .  Also, when they get older they’ll hopefully understand animals more and the importance of animals.

I’m also kinda ANXIOUS because we have days that we are supposed to go  and have to have lessons ready and make sure the kids understand because they ‘re gonna be little and we can’t like use big words .WORRIED is another feeling because the thoughts go to our head that we might not get it done and its not gonna go well or plans change just simple things like that.

By the end of November me and my group would like to go to the day care meet the kids and speak with the person in charge and just get things organized for what days were gonna go. Also talk about what animals were hoping to maybe bring in and see if any of the kids have allergies also talk to our mentor and arrange things with her.

See my Visiual Aid for more information.

Halloween Night

Halloween night was fun I went trick or treating with my family and hanged out with my friends and family we also ate a lot of candy.  First me and my older brother went trick or treating with my little sister, she had lots of fun then they went home and I caught up my little brother and his friend.We trick or treated together and had lots  of  fun  then they went home. So since halloween had a little less than an hour left, me and my other older brother walked around and got some candy and we had a great time but then we had to go home because halloween night was over and also it was cold.

So me and my brother went home , Me and my siblings ate lots of candy and it tasted delicious. After we ate lots of candy me and my family sat down on the couch watched tv together , while still eating some candy . Then after all the fun it was getting late  it was also  a week day, which  means school so we got ready for bed and for school the next day Halloween Night  is over can’t wait for next Halloween and some more candy. Also for getting some ideas for next Halloweens costume in my opinion Its lots of fun . The downside though is the deciding part is always hard you always want all of them but you can only get one ! Well thats a wrap hope you enjoyed listening about my Halloween Night. What was yours like do have any traditions , did you get lots of candy also did you dress up what was your Halloween Night like?

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Mysterious Neighbors

It was a nice afternoon me and my brothers and sisters where outside playing in the front yard having a blast, playing tag playing fun games enjoying our time together.Then our MYSTERIOUS neighbors came over, our parents told us about them and to pacifically not to hang out with them there very MYSTERIOUS in a way. So everyone went inside besides me and my brother were still outside picking up toys. Then he said you wanna play tag me and mt brother said no thanks as soon as he said that an amber alert came up on me and my brothers phone as soon as that happened our neighbor grabbed me by my hand and THEN……… Throw s a unicorn at me ,wait that doesn’t sound right ? How about you fix it and finish the story. What do you think happens next?

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The Yolanda who just wanted a friend

Activity 1:

You avoid copywriting. Copywriting is when you take an idea, picture, poem, etc. without permission. When people do this, some go to jail. Some people do it not knowing that its copy write and still go to jail. Ways to avoid it is to always make sure it is okay because it will say  copywrite.  Also to make sure you give credit to the person who did it.


Activity 2:

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Yolanda who just wanted a friend

Its not her fault she spots all over her

Its not her fault every one thinks she has chicken pox

That’s just the way she was painted

Yet every year people scream in horror

Running not wanting to trick or treat

Yolanda just wants to be normal

It not her fault to want a friend


My unique avatar

My avatar represents me in way because of looks it looks like me obviously. Also it has my curly hair ( ; and it gives it the details that look like me, brown eyes. I’m always smiling and very happy. She has on one of my  favorite colors on, pink. She is unique because she is my own style she looks like me and no other people are going to have the exact same avatar as me. The reason why I did my avatar this way I wanted someone to look like me and I wanted to have fun with it. I made it out of creativity just testing things out to make it.  That’s what it turned out to be just like me. That’s why its so unique I love the way it turned out very very beautiful.

The website I got it from was FaceYourManga


My Passion

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I like to do hair because I think its fun playing around and making it look nice i usually do them on dolls because i’m not good on people I like the after math on how it looks I  like doing hair because  I like all the braids also all the different styles and learning them one thing I like that there not just one there tons of different styles there a new one to learn every week I also like doing hair because different styles go with different looks  your hair is what put your outfit together so if you do a hairstyle it can also show your personality tw

Where I learn my hair styles it  YouTube so it can walk me through the steps I usually watch Cute Girls Hair Styles and they have tons of hair tutorials and some I come up for myself.I think there very helpful because they really walk it through and her hand is not in the way of the camera like some other tutorials. She does the styles on her daughters she has 5 so there different people with different hair that is what I like about them.They have a new style to learn every week and there very helpful.